Transformational Jewellery

Not just a pretty necklace

These magical necklaces bring a sense of calm, balance, healing, well-being, confidence, protection, empowerment and more to the wearer.

 The vibration of each necklace is unique and resonates with the different energy centers of the body. There are some pieces which are calming, nurturing and reassuring, while others feel protective, still others which give a sense of grounding, or some which stimulate the body’s energy. Some necklaces facilitate communication, while others help to open the 3rdeye increasing intuition.

 Each piece is hand crafted, and personally assembled by Reiki Master and Therapist Ramona Galardi, and no two pieces are alike, in appearance or energetically.  Ramona has collected the crystals and pieces which go into making up the necklaces along her travels around the world, and continues to do so.  As she assembles the pieces, she is in a state of meditation and is guided into each creation, infusing them with pure healing energy.

 ‘I picked up a necklace and held it in my hands before trying it on. I closed my eyes and all of a sudden started hearing the chanting of Om Mane Padme Om, a Buddhist mantra! I tried it on, and sense of immense calm pervaded every cell of my body’ Annie-London

 ‘I don’t wear necklaces,’ said RS, but she was visually drawn to an imposing translucent turquoise and green calcedonie necklace with a carved jade orchid pendant. She tried it on, and there she felt its vibration and the communication between the crystals and her energy bodies began. She felt so uplifted with it, that she decided to buy it, saying she feels so good with it on. RS Melbourne

Not only does the wearer benefit from the unique crystalline vibration, but the crystals radiate their energy outwards also, vibrationally touching those who come in contact with them, like ripples

A client who was wearing one of my pieces in a London restaurant, was approached by another diner as their paths crossed, and was so drawn to her necklace, that she offered to buy the necklace from her, right there! Needless to say, she refused!

 Ramona’s Transformational Jewelryis available in selected resorts and spas around the world, or by appointment.

 Are you ready for transformation?